Deceased January 16, 2015

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In Memory

After singing “Fly Me to the Moon,” with a compassionate hand on his heart and a gentle kiss on his cheek, Stan asked, “Am I in heaven?”—and peacefully passed away on Jan. 16, 2015, in Steamboat Springs, Colo., where he and his late wife, Essie, made their home in 1982. He is survived by his seven children, 14 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren, all of whom were devoted to him.

At Amherst, Stan was an avid football player and won the sportsmanship trophy. One of his favorite memories was when he was injured in an Amherst-Williams game at Williams, where he had several Williams alumni uncles-in-law in attendance at the game. Stan’s uncles cheered loudly as Stan was carried off the playing field, hoping to win the game with Stan absent. Stan was a member of the Chi Psi fraternity.

Stan remained a very loyal Amherst man, carrying on an annual wager with his brother-in-law Bob Sillcox (Williams ’53). They bet $1 every year on the outcome of the Amherst-Williams football game, and now I will carry on the tradition with my uncle. Stan had a passion for tennis and played well into his 90s. He was a big supporter of local Steamboat sports teams and was honored by the Steamboat Springs Booster Club with the “Fan of the Year” Award in 2013.

Stan loved singing, and he found an outlet in the choir at the United Methodist Church. He started the men’s Information Volunteer group (the IVs) at the Yampa Valley Medical Center, where he and Essie were very active in fundraising. Stan was president of the local Arts Council in the early years and was active in many community causes in the town, where he was dearly loved.

Stan (Chip) Whittemore Jr. ’71

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50th Reunion

40StanleyWhittemore.jpg The best part of my life started April 13th, 1940. I met my wife Esther on a blind date at Pine Manor. A group from Amherst invaded Pine Manor and I was a real winner! We celebrate our 50th in June of 1991.

So what do we have to show for these many years? Seven wonderful children, fourteen charming grandchildren, five great sons-in-law and a lovely yellow lab. We are most grateful for our good fortune.

It doesn't seem possible that fifty years have gone by. When we graduated in 1940, I remember that 25th reuners were elderly-looking, but the 50th reuners were positively old, shaky, wrinkled, stuffy and feeble. Thank goodness that has changed. With all the clean living and clean air, we come back charged up to play tennis and golf and to "live it up" for four days.

After our Navy life which was primarily "dry land,'' we settled in Evanston, IL for a few years. With the need for more beds, we found a large house that we loved and we had twenty-seven marvelous, busy years in Winnetka, IL. Then five years in a smaller house - this was a blessing for we had to make choices and cut down on twenty-seven years' accumulation. April 1, 1982 was the day I retired and the day we moved to our new log home in Steamboat Springs, CO. We miss our dear friends in Winnetka, but feel we made a good choice for the lifestyle we enjoy.

Oh, yes, I did have to make a living. With my Dad and brother, we were manufacturers' reps dealing with the automotive, farm implement, and machine tool industries primarily. We sold magnetic plugs, lathe chucks, milling vises, tubing, fasteners, extrusions, stampings. It was go, go all the time, but the rewards we are now reaping in retirement.

Our children live in Winnetka, Illinois, Ashland, Wisconsin, Evergreen, Colorado, Steamboat Springs, Seattle, Washington, and Whidbay Island, Washington. So far, grandchildren have graduated from Wesleyan and Boston College. We have lots of graduations to attend and enjoy it very much. The outdoor life has really captured us, and we have done a lot of camping, canoe tripping, travelling, biking, skiing, etc. We enjoy the senior citizen privileges and discounts and just wish time would stand still.

Esther and I are looking forward to our 50th next spring and to renewing our friendships once again.


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