Deceased November 26, 2011

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In Memory

Warren "Bud" Lux died on November 26, 2011 in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire at the age of 92.  Bud was a New Englander through and through.  He was born there, either lived or vacationed there his entire life, retired there, and died there.

Born in Easthampton, MA in 1919, Bud came to Amherst in 1936 where he majored in chemistry and was member of the Lord Jeff Club.  He was from a family of modest means, so he had a job all four years to pay tuition, room, and board.  He deeply loved Amherst and visited the campus at homecoming and graduation with his family many times.  Both his sons developed a close bond with the college and eventually also chose Amherst as their alma mater.

After graduation, Bud moved to Boston, earned a masters degree in chemistry at Northeastern, and married Mary Haddad, his wife of 60 years until she died in 2003.  During World War II, Bud worked at the West Virginia Ordnance Works to help with the war effort.  After the war, Bud and Mary moved back to Boston where Bud taught at Boston University and Northeastern University.  In 1948, they moved to Canton, NY where Bud joined the faculty of St. Lawrence University.  He taught at St. Lawrence until 1957, except for an interlude at the University of Wisconsin from 1953-1955 to finish his PhD in chemistry.  During his tenure, Bud was promoted to Professor and Chairman of the Chemistry Department and twice received the university’s highest teaching award, an honor previously unheard of at St. Lawrence.

In 1957, Bud left academia to become the Director of University Relations at Union Carbide in New York City.  He spent 25 years there, the first half of it hiring PhDs for Union Carbide's research program and the second half administering their corporate aid-to-education program.  His sons attest to the fact that giving away money to university departments of chemistry and chemical engineering was the perfect job for their father, for they remember him as one of the most generous people they ever knew.

In 1982, Bud and Mary retired to their vacation home on Ossipee Lake in New Hampshire where they enjoyed many years of retirement, regularly hosting children, grandchildren, and friends.

Bud was an emeritus member of The Chemists' Club of New York, a member of the American Chemical Society, a past member of the American Society of Engineering Education, and a past member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineering.

Bud is survived by his two sons, Warren, Jr. (Amherst '65) and Glenn (Amherst '68); four grandchildren, Edward (E.J.), Jocelyn, Hannah, and Emma; and two great-grandchildren, Zakkai and Judah.

Written by his sons Glenn '68 and Warren, Jr. '65.



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