Deceased May 25, 2011

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In Memory

My dad died May 25, 2011, at his home in Newton, Mass. As he lived, he departed quietly and gracefully, with his family and friends nearby.

He was born in New Jersey and remained a resident his entire life. He and Ruth raised my sisters and me in Montclair. He practiced law locally, finishing as Montclair town counsel. On retiring, they relocated to central Jersey near the Delaware River, the beauty of which Dad already knew from frequent bird hunting.

Lloyd gave back to his home state, especially to Boy Scouting and conservation. He served on the landmark 1963 Meadowlands Commission and later headed the Amwell Valley Conservancy and the New Jersey Conservation Foundation. For years, he ran the Montclair Planning Board, presiding with his trademark cool demeanor when civic tempers rose. (Dad would often quote Pogo to agitated developers and conservationists alike—“We have met the enemy, and he is us.”)

Amherst was always in his and Ruth’s life—annual tailgating on Punky and Ox Eaton Country Squire followed by class dinners at the Mill and late nights at the University Motor Lodge, glee club concerts, spirited debates of co-education, coaching, curriculum and campus architecture. If his student days were marred by the realities of religious exclusion in the ’30s and ’40s, longer semesters as an alumnus let him grow ever closer to his classmates and to the Fairest College.

Dad remained close to his great friends at the college, Steve Rostas, Eli Marsh, KingTurgeon P’64, ‘57 among them. His proudest contributions to Amherst were his son Steve ’72 and grandchildren Melissa ’04 and Jeff ’09.

Lloyd rests on a hillside in Rosemont, N.J., with the spirit of his beloved Ruth nearby. We like to think of him watching for pheasant and woodcock in the hedgerow below and planning his next visit to Amherst.

—Steve Gang ’72