Deceased May 24, 2011

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In Memory

Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful in contacting Bill Huntington’s family for assistance with his In Memory piece.

Our only information comes from our 50th reunion yearbook and a bit from his local paper. Bill, who grew up in Litchfield, Mass., came to Amherst via the Loomis School and Vermont Academy. Bill was a member of Phi Gam, and he left Amherst in the spring of ’41, when the draft caught up with him. He spent four and a half years in the U.S. Army, serving in an artillery group that was attached to the 71st and 83rd Infantry divisions. He was a liaison pilot and had about 300 hours flying time. His overseas service was in the Philippines and Japan.

While in the service, he met and married Joan Bowers. They have two daughters, both now married with two children in tow. He lost his wife in 1999 after 54 years of happy marriage.

He and his brother ran a 40-acre shade tobacco farm near Litchfield. He retired after 34 years of service. Bill was very active in the community and in the tobacco industry, serving on several civic boards and on the board of the Connecticut Valley Tobacco Museum and the Shade Tobacco Association.

He and Joan were enthusiastic skiers, golfers and square dancers. They had a home on Pawley Island in South Carolina, where they went from early fall to late spring, spending their summers in Litchfield.

In addition, after retirement he and Joan found the time to become serious world travelers, visiting seven continents.

—Monty Hankin ’43