Deceased June 2, 2018

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In Memory

Alfred Howard Schrashun Jr. '45 Al died Saturday, June 2, 2018, at Covenant Village of Northbrook, Ill., after celebrating his 95th birthday. Al will be remembered for his dedication to community service, his curious mind, intellect, love of music (especially jazz), voracious reading and devotion to family; all of which had foundation at Amherst.

He spent his childhood in Detroit and graduated from Detroit University School before entering Amherst as a freshman in 1941 as a scholarship student. After his sophomore year, he served in the Air Force for two years.

He returned to Amherst and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa his junior year. He attended Harvard Business School ’49 and joined the J. L. Hudson Co. that year. He served in several executive leadership positions and retired in 1983 as vice president in charge of store development.

Al remained an Amherst enthusiast and was a member of the 1821 Society, contributing continuously for over 70 years. His grandson, Doug Schrashun, graduated in the Amherst class of 2006.

Al was a community volunteer serving as president of Family Services of Detroit, an early board member of Services for Older Citizens in Grosse Pointe, a longtime board member of Adult Well Being Services in Detroit and Red Cross of Southeastern Michigan. He also was a longtime member of Christ Church Grosse Pointe where he served on the vestry.

He also served as past chairman of the Witenagemote Club and was a member of Beta Theta Pi, Phi Beta Kappa and lifetime member of the Grosse Pointe Club.

As a scholarship student himself, Al continued to focus energy on scholarship initiatives and served on the board of the Stephenson Foundation that provided scholarship money to colleges.

Al is survived by his wife, Carol; their two daughters, four grandchildren and three great- grandchildren. He was predeceased by his son, John Douglas Watkins Schrashun, who died in 1984.

Chris Schrashun Gretchko