50th Reunion

July 5, 1994:

Dear Dick,

Enclosed is a broad outline of my time, mostly since 1941 on that Sunday when we all heard it on the radio.

I have never sent in any information before. I did not consider it appropriate, having graduated from Harvard. Therefore, I have not been recorded in any annals of Amherst in any way, which I regret, for myself and my family, since I have worked hard in areas of intellectual significance all my life.

Thank you for encouraging my inclusion in the record of Amherst men. I appreciate your friendliness and patience.

As I said, the enclosed is a general synopsis. Since my retirement, I have concentrated on my studies and my writing. Please use my Vita in the best form you can, or advise. At the very least, I would like you to note my service in the United States Marine Corps at Okinawa, my three children of whom I am very proud, and the books on which I am working.

I look forward to seeing you in Florida when you return this winter.