50th Reunion

Can it possibly be that five years have passed since last I attempted to capture 45 years of living on a single sheet of paper? Certainly my lifestyle has changed significantly. I have retired from the University of Southern Maine and I have become increasingly unavailable for any consultant work which might come my way. The confusion and bustle of the past is pretty much over, but Mary Ann and I are busier than ever. Most days start with my bringing her coffee in bed and we watch with awe what we see on the morning news broadcast. What is happening to our world?

We spend more time with our grandchildren and take great pride in our gardens. To think that five years ago I didn't know a pansy from a petunia!

I take great pleasure singing in my church choir. I'm the oldest person there, but I can read music and I think I help out a bit.

I do read a lot and have become something of a Civil War buff. Maine is Joshua Chamberlain country. He is yet another in my pantheon of great men and women to read about, admire and wonder how they did it!

Mary Ann and I enjoy driving around the country, stopping in out of the way towns, observing how other people live and what they think. Most recently the south and southwest-next the northwest.

John Deady 45-2.png

Last January we spent eight happy days in Paris followed by a few weeks in Florida to break up the monotony of the Maine winter.

My efforts on behalf of the Class of 1945 have also taken a bit of my time but working for you has been a rewarding experience. I look forward to seeing everyone next May in Amherst.

John E Deady 45-1.png