Deceased June 10, 2011

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In Memory

Sadly we report the passing of Richard A. Snyder on June 10, 2011. He was 88. Dick—or “Sneezy” as he was more affectionately known by his classmates—had been living in Vero Beach, Fla., for the past 22 years.

A native of Syracuse, N.Y., Dick spent many years in the Baltimore area with White Rose Paper Co., retiring as vice president in 1986. For five years, he lived on his 40-foot cruise boat.

World War II and the Korean War shaped Dick’s life during and after college. A happy member of DKE, he was called up by the U.S. Navy and saw service on Saipan and Tinian in the Pacific. He was recalled in 1950 during the Korean War, this time at the Pentagon with U.S. Naval Intelligence. In 1954, he married the lovely Pattie Howell Thomas of St. Louis, utilizing Amherst classmates Bruce McLeod and Bill Webster as ushers. Pattie and Dick were married 57 years. In addition to Pattie, he is survived by his son, Thomas, who also lives in Vero Beach.

Throughout his adult life, Dick was active in community and alumni affairs, including as vice president of the Vero Beach chapter of the Amherst alumni association. In a letter written at the time of our 45th reunion, Dick wrote:

“I am grateful to Amherst for the education and preparation it gave me for my future life in the business world. … I feel that Amherst does a superb job equipping people for their future life by giving them that special well-rounded education in order to help them contribute to and make this country a better place in which to live.”

Thank you, Dick. You did your part. Your classmates send their sincere condolences to your family and remember you warmly.

William H. Webster ’45