Edward A. Baily Jr. '46

Deceased May 30, 2009

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In Memory

Edward A. “Ted” Baily ’46 passed away at home on May 30 in Green Valley, Ariz. His wife, Julie, predeceased him after battling a form of cancer. He is survived by sons Jeffrey and Scott and his brother Fred.

Ted was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. He graduated from Deerfield Academy in 1942, after which he matriculated at Amherst College where his career was interrupted by World War II. Ted served in the U.S. Navy from which he was discharged as a senior lieutenant after service in the Pacific Theater.

Ted was a member of Beta Theta Pi. After Amherst, he attended Harvard Business School, earning an M.B.A.  He spent 17 years as a marketing manager for General Electric Corporation and 23 years with the Carrier Corporation as vice president of government and industrial relations. During these years, Ted and Julie resided in the Syracuse, N.Y., area. Summers were generally spent near the town of Old Forge, N.Y., at Eddystone Lodge which was built in 1900 by his grandfather.

Before marriage, Ted promised Julie he would retire before age 70. This promise was fulfilled when they moved from Syracuse to Green Valley prior to our 50th Reunion in 1996. Although they annually traveled back to Fourth Lake for a month or two in the summertime, Arizona proved its merits because Ted loved the predictable Arizona weather at 8,000 ft., the gorgeous scenery and the dry, clean air.

Ted loved Jaguars and Corvettes. He had a passion for slamming the gutta-percha around a golf course; however, he often suffered chagrin since his scores often failed to match his passion for the game. For Ted Baily’s sake, let us hope his current residence features wide boulevards and no speed limits for his cars and golf holes that are at least ten inches in diameter.

Woody Steinwart ’46