Lester George Kalt '46

It is embarrassing to be so delinquent in announcing the demise of Lester George Kalt ’46, because the record indicates he passed away over six years ago.  The wheels of the obituary office sometimes rotate slowly, but six years is inexcusable!  This is particularly true when the subject is a classmate who was a valued friend of yours truly during undergraduate days.
Les Kalt was born on November 2, 1924, in New York City.  He attended Huntington High School and later the Taft School from which he graduated in 1942.  His next seat of learning found him enrolled at Amherst with the Class of 1946.  During World War II, he served in the US Naval Reserve.  After earning his Amherst diploma, Les obtained a masters degree in business administration from New York Univ.
Lester bunked at the Chi Phi House after WWII.  He occupied a second floor suite with Si Matteson, Mike Rizik and John Bergin.  Those digs featured far more laughter, insanity, and good times than was a fair share during those chaotic post war years.  One of the principle contributing reasons was the incredible sense of humor which Les Kalt brought to the scene.  Toss in the enigmatic personality of frequent visitor Bangor Phillips, and one has the nucleus for a “Banned in Boston” novel!  Would it not be wonderful if we could experience some of that natural, extemporaneous, hilarious humor again with that same cast of great guys?!  Amen!  Amen!
It is terribly sad to relate that diligent research has been futile in its effort to glean information concerning Les Kalt’s post-Amherst career.  Every potential source of information has proven to be similar to a dry hole in Crawford, TX, and, believe me, all holes are barren in Crawford!  If someone out there is hoarding career facts about Les, please let us know, and we will do an improved job of memorializing our old pal L. G. Kalt!

—J. Wells Steinwart ’46