Deceased March 27, 2010

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In Memory

It is sad to report that Parker Van Hoogenstyn passed away on March 27. Parker came to Amherst from Albany Academy with Julian Gibbs and Bill Gazeley. A fellow Deke, he served in the U.S. Navy on an LST in the invasion of Europe and returned after the war.

Following graduation, he taught for a number of years in Levittown, N.Y., and earned a master’s of education from Hofstra and a master’s of library science from C.W. Post College. In 1967, he became the librarian of the SUNY Agricultural and Technical College. 

He married Mary Jean Hicks of Middlebury College in 1952, and they had a son, Jon, and a daughter, Mary. They were active in the Levittown Community Church. About 20 years ago, he retired and moved to Ocean Park, Maine. Parker kept close to Bill Gazeley and attended many of our reunions. We extend deepest sympathy to his family.

Ed “Josh” Watkins ’46