Roland A. Fletcher '46

Deceased January 14, 2009

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In Memory

Roland "Flick" Fletcher hit the deck at Amherst with the bulk of his fellow ’46ers during the summer semester of 1942. Flick was one of the few members of our class who obtained his degree without interruption on the fast track wartime schedule due to a physical disability. During the fall of ’42 Flick pledged DKE.

Flick and Moe Diefendorf ’46 grew up together in Mt. Vernon, NY.  They became fast friends in kindergarten and for life. They shared a mutual love for sports, Amherst, and residence in the environs of New York City. Moe reminisces that during their teens they shared beaucoup trips to Madison Square Garden to witness NYU and CCNY basketball games.

Flick excelled in basketball and baseball as an undergraduate. Danny Dick and Moe claim Flick’s throw to first base was like a shot from a cannon, his baseball skills were enhanced by the ability to dispatch that white pea to the far reaches of the outfield when the blue chips were on the table. Flick mastered a weird backpedaling method for catching fly balls which defied the exhortations of Coach Paul Eckley and scared his teammates!!  

At Amherst Flick prepared for a career in dentistry.  Graduating from Columbia University’s Dental School, Flick joined his father’s practice, located in the Time-Life Building, in midtown Manhattan. They served a prominent clientele which included captains of industry, ambassadors, and many noted ’46ers.  Some claim Flick even made residence calls to serve established patients who, for whatever reason, were unable to visit his office.

Flick inhabited Bronxville during his business career where he was a trustee of Lawrence Hospital.  After retirement he moved to Heritage Village in Somers, NY and summered at a family retreat in Lowell, ME. With first wife, Nancy, they produced three fine citizens named Louise, Bennett and Gregory.

Woody Steinwart ’46