Wesley W. Washburn Jr. '46

Deceased July 28, 2010

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In Memory

The Class of 1946 lost a distinguished member when Wesley Wallace Washburn, Jr. passed away last July 28. Wesley was born in Marblehead, Mass. He entered Amherst after graduation in 1942 from Polytech Preparatory School in Brooklyn, N.Y., along with four additional ’46ers. He earned B.A. and M.A. degrees from Amherst where he was a distinguished student and member of Phi Delta Theta. He served in the U.S. Army during World War II but little is known concerning his military service.       

After Amherst, Wesley attended the Long Island School of Medicine, where he earned an M.D. degree followed by a D.M.D. degree from Harvard University in plastic surgery combined with dentistry. He was a faculty member at the University of Texas at Galveston campus where his residency was completed. Our sources indicate Wesley earned degrees in biology, dentistry and embryology, but there may be additional honors to which we are not privy. He also studied in Brussels, Belgium, where he mastered various forms of transplant techniques. The lists of his medical and surgical association memberships are far too extensive for this listing.          

Wesley next commenced personal practice at Beaumont, Texas. At approximately the same time, he launched a 46 year marriage with Lulu Smith, M.D., which was adorned with daughter Liz Ford, who now resides in Sioux City, Iowa.     

Classmate Larry Barr enjoyed a reunion with Wes and Lulu in Texas several years ago. He claims the Washburns had a marvelous upbeat attitude concerning the world in general, which was reflected by becoming dedicated owners of various art forms, such as, paintings, antiques, wines, oriental rugs, firearms, etc. Larry claims fishing, hunting, tennis, world traveling and aggressive support for selected charities were their favorite avocations.    

Dr. Wesley Washburn offered this advice to all and sundry which was: “To enjoy a full life, man must gain a sense of accomplishment, contribute positive improvements to society, deflate worries with aggressive actions and always be mentally and physically active!”                                                   

Moose Newman ’46