Deceased November 27, 2009

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In Memory

William G. Reynolds died Nov. 27, 2009. He graduated from Amherst High School and joined Phi Gamma Delta. Unlike most of us who enlisted in the U.S. Navy and were sent to Williams, he was sent to Dartmouth. He served as a naval officer, returned after the war and graduated in 1949. Bill’s entire business career was in the insurance industry, initially in Hartford, and then with Continental Casualty Company in Chicago from 1950-55. 

In 1953, he married Helen Samsel. In 1955 he joined Federated Insurance Company in Owatonna, Minn.., as accident and health sales manager and became group and pension marketing manager. He retired in 1987. 

After his first wife died, Bill married Phyllis Peterson in 1998. He was a golfer and active in the Elks, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Trinity Lutheran Church. He was very popular with his stepchildren and grandchildren and is sorely missed. We extend our deep sympathies to Phyllis and his family.

Ed “Josh” Watkins ’46