50th Reunion

After  two  terms  at  Amherst  in 1943-44,  I joined  V-12  and  was sent  to Union  College  in Schenectady,   NY,  which  is  the city where  I  was  born. At the time, my grandmother and three of her five sisters were still living there.  I got out of V-12 in the fall of 1945, and I graduated from Union in early 1946. I then went to medical school at the University of Rochester, graduating in 1950. After  another  stint  in  the  Navy  during  the Korean War, I settled  in  Bakersfield, California, in  1953. I finished   radiology residency, then joined an established Radiologist in 1957, continuing practice with him until he developed Alzheimer's disease.  In 1990 I eased him into retirement and worked four more years alone, finally retiring myself in 1994. I have never been married.  Retirement   has been pleasant so far. I spend  most of  my time in Bakersfield,  but  make frequent  daytime  trips  to Los Angeles,  the mountains,  the desert,  and the Coast.  I have also made a number   of  trips  east  to  family  affairs   and  to  events  at  Union  and  the University  of  Rochester.  I am  in  the classes  of  1947  at  both  Union and Amherst, and  I have attended  some  of the Union  reunions  over  the years, but never any of those at Amherst. Now I have the time to go to both.