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These pages are dedicated to the deceased alumni of our class.  On each page can be found an Amherst College In Memory Notice, obituaries when available and Memories from classmates, family and friends. 

If you know of additional material that can be added to these In Memories, please post them.  You can post your own memories to any individual In Memory by selecting "Add New Comment."

Note: Names bolded below will take you to an In Memory page for the alumnus/a. Names not bolded will take you to the profile for the deceased in the alumni directory and will require log in.
Name Deceased Date
Robert G. Dunn 03/15/2017
M. Wallace Rubin 01/31/2017
Arthur J. LaMontagne 12/21/2016
Marshall W. Neale 10/26/2016
Richard D. Tietjen 06/23/2016
Erwin Millimet 07/20/2015
Thomas C. Ballenger 02/18/2015
Charles S. Keevil 04/08/2014
Alan F. Wilson 01/14/2014
Peter H. Winn 11/28/2013
Martin L. Charles 03/15/2013
Henry deF Webster 11/16/2012
Roger Lankenau 11/13/2012
Robert E. Cohn 11/10/2012
William S. Kaplan 12/29/2011
Sheldon W. Goidell Sr. 12/05/2011
Bruce A. Skipton 09/12/2011
C. Palmer Packard 12/04/2010
Walter O. Latzko 09/10/2010
James Cooper 07/27/2010
C. Archibald Johnson 04/26/2010
Adrien Ringuette 01/06/2010
Morris S. Pike 04/07/2009
Craig P. Greason 03/19/2009
N. John LaGattuta 03/15/2009
Ralph Suechting 10/31/2008
Robert Hogan 09/23/2008
Remsen B. Ostrander 01/25/2008
Charles E. Ray 11/17/2007
Elmer C. Sanborn 05/07/2007
Francis W. Collins Jr. 02/19/2007
Wright H. Arnold 02/05/2007
Robert M. Boynton 09/04/2006
David R. Cumming 05/17/2006
Richard B. Highbaugh 04/23/2006
Jack E. Wallace 11/02/2005
William S. Young 10/04/2005
Richard J. Garside 09/20/2005
Raymond W. Murray Jr. 03/21/2005
Karl Muller Jr. 02/16/2005
William W. Lawrence 11/21/2004
George G. Eakin 11/10/2004
Philip R. von Stade 03/16/2004
Robert E. Duncklee 03/05/2004
John I. Scott 12/01/2003
Robert W. Maynard 05/11/2003
Albert G. Alderton 05/02/2003
David B. Silver 04/24/2003
Robert H. Glazier 04/22/2003
A. James Barker 03/01/2003
Joseph F. Rosenthal 01/29/2003
Irwin F. Sclar 04/25/2002
Warren E. Turner 04/23/2002
John W. Maxson Jr. 12/10/2001
Hillard J. Aronson 11/10/2001
Howard R. Cuozzi 08/03/2001
Nicholas A. Rossano 06/11/2001
Eugene F. Whelan Jr. 11/29/2000
Paul W. Taylor Jr. 10/24/2000
Paul J. Keller Jr. 09/18/2000
John C. Herbst Jr. 08/12/1999
Lawrence G. Johnson 05/22/1999
Victor P. Baker 05/22/1998
John R. McDonald 12/08/1997
Paul E. Smith Jr. 06/29/1997
Hugh J. Schuck Jr. 11/27/1996
Robert E. Doane 08/06/1996
John F. Ellis 02/16/1994
Edward N. Weintraub 12/13/1993
John G. Gloster 08/06/1993
Clarke M. Rainey 02/16/1993
David R. Schulte 12/00/1992
Edward E. Ramsdell 05/00/1992
Howard L. Sylvester 11/16/1991
Frederick E. Bailey Jr. 08/08/1991
W. Frank Titus 06/05/1991
Edward F. Regan Jr. 04/29/1991
Richard V. Jones 02/20/1991
James A. Malloy 11/30/1990
William C. Stewart 10/28/1989
Charles W. Parrott 06/25/1988
Robert A. Rice 06/12/1988
Donald J. Maveety Jr. 09/15/1987
Joseph T. Palano 08/16/1987
John A. Pruiksma 07/14/1987
William K. Bruckhauser Jr. 03/31/1987
George I. Collins 11/25/1986
R. Hoagland Tangley 11/14/1986
George G. Hoover 11/07/1985
Bruce B. MacAlister 12/16/1984
Edward B. Wright Jr. 06/01/1984
William J. T. Connelly 01/26/1983
Hosea D. White Jr. 10/20/1981
James S. Tryon 12/29/1979
John B. Dayton 06/19/1979
George W. Stevens 06/08/1979
Nathaniel L. Remes 04/02/1978
Hastings A. Woolley 02/06/1975
Robert M. Jewitt 11/07/1974
Willoughby Goodsmith 04/25/1974
Earl A. Darr 12/07/1970
Edward M. Connelly 04/27/1970
Paul E. Lacaire 08/16/1969
Harry E. Wright 03/00/1969
Charles G. Westcott 10/22/1962
Douglas R. Borlen 06/13/1962
John H. Balise 03/23/1957
Ralph L. Bollinger Jr. 04/20/1956
Walter V. Bayer Jr. 09/16/1950