25th Reunion


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Martin Charles 48.png After reluctantly leaving the rolling hills of Amherst, all the fun, the relaxed ambience, and the great memories, I found myself in the Big Apple for four years in a different academic environment at NYU School of Medicine. Oddly enough, I chose to practice in NYC for six years, until a great and challenging opportunity came along. I was offered the post of Chief Internist at Cape Kennedy Space Center-the most exciting place on earth, and one that also happened to have sun, sand, sea, and surf!

Those were years full of excitement, being present at the lift-offs of all important launchings and being responsible for the first two classes of Astronauts. To match the work, there was time for golf, surf-casting, and shrimping. Then there was travel to some beautiful places off-limits to the general public.

All good things come to an end, eventually, and as the sun started fading at the Cape, I came back up north as a Corporate Medical Director. By then I was certified as a specialist in Occupational & Environmental Medicine and Toxicology, which I still practice solo. I recently completed my tenure as President of the Michigan Occupational & Environmental Medicine Association and remain on its Board of Directors.

Nita and I travel a good bit. When we need a change of scenery we go up to our home in northern Michigan for weekends. We also have a place on Marco Island, FL, and love to spend as much time there as possible. Our home base is in Southfield, MI. Between times we see our kids regularly. Grandson Grant has made us Hockey Grandparents. We all enjoy sports, good food, art, and hanging in there.

Martin Charles 48-2.png Soon it will be fifty years since I received a letter from Dean C. Scott Porter, while overseas, serving under Colonel E. Dwight Salmon, inviting me to matriculate at Amherst. I had no idea then of the wonderfully happy and productive years ahead of me at Lord Jeff, nor of the fantastic educational experience that was to be mine!