Deceased November 16, 2016

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In Memory

Norman died suddenly on Nov. 16, 2016, at age 90.

Born in Worcester, Mass., he attended Worcester South High School. He was a champion in track, field and cross country, accomplishments earning him a scholarship to Amherst. After one year at Amherst, he was offered a full scholarship to Rhode Island State College (now the University of Rhode Island). As co-captain he led his team to the track and field championships in 1948. He ran in the 1948 Olympic Trials and was added as an alternate to the Olympic Track Team. He graduated from Rhode Island State in 1949.

He served in the U.S. Army as a sergeant during World War II and in U.S. Army counterintelligence during the Korean Conflict.

In the 50th reunion book, Norm reported, “Hired as boys’ physical director at Worcester YMCA in September 1949, then joined an automobile dealership as salesman in 1951, becoming general manager, then owner. Closed the business in 1966. In September of that year became a junior high science teacher and coach in basketball, track and cross-country. Later coached high school track and cross-country, winning many class, division and state championships. Also won five junior high basketball state championships in my 27 years of coaching.” Norm received an M.S. from the University of Rhode Island in 1974.

In retirement, he became a national official for track and field and cross country and spent time with his family and the family business, Dapper Dan Farm, managing horse shows for 42 years. He was a member of the Rhode Island Horseman’s Association and the New England Horseman’s Council for more than 50 years. He did horse show night watch at shows from New England to Wellington, Fla. In 1966 he was asked to join the night watch for the U.S. Equestrian Team at the Olympics in Atlanta.

He will be missed.

Celeste Ringuette W’48