Deceased January 31, 2017

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50th Reunion Book Entry 

In Memory

Milton Wallace “Wally” Rubin was born in New Haven, Conn., on June 24, 1927, and died Jan. 31, 2017, in Lake Worth, Fla.

At Amherst Wally was a member of Phi Kappa Psi, the squash team, the Jeff and the Kirby Theatre Guild. After completing his studies at Amherst, he entered the navy. After his stint in the navy, Wally joined the family business, Wayside Furniture, in Milford, Conn., where he spent his entire career.

As CEO, and with his sister, Carole, and brother-in-law, Harold Greenbaum, he expanded the business to 12 stores in Connecticut and southeastern New York. Wally retired in 1998. He was very proud that the University of Connecticut named Wayside Furniture the family business of the state for the year 1996.

Among his accomplishments, Wally served as president and chairman of the Home Furnishings Association, chaired the state Retail Merchants Association, chaired the educational and research foundation of the furniture industry, and was a board member of the Connecticut State University system and a governor of the University of New Haven. He also chaired the United Way and the Chamber of Commerce and served on the board of Milford Hospital.

Wally was a member of UJA/Federation of New Haven, the Jewish Community Center of New Haven and Congregation Mishkan Israel.

Wally maintained his positive attitude throughout his life.

Wally is survived by his wife of 68 years, Rita (Rickey Epstein) Rubin; three daughters, Anne Rubin, Deborah Lerman and Sally Hurwit; a son, David; eight grandchildren; and a sister, Carole Greenbaum.

He will be missed.

Celeste Ringuette W’48

50th Reunion

To start with the most important, the years have been good to us. Rickey (Rita) and I have been married since 1948 and have been blessed with four wonderful children-three girls and a boy. All are successful in their own right and have maintained a closeness to us and to each other. Most of the credit for this must go to Rickey. This closeness extends to our six granddaughters and must be ranked above all of our other "successes."

My entire career has been with our family furniture business-"Wayside"-in Connecticut. While I am CEO, day-to-day management is now in the hands of my brother-in-law and the third generation, including our son, David, who is CFO. Last year the UConn School of Business named us the #1 family business in the state. We currently operate 12 stores in Connecticut and southeastern NY.

Fourteen years ago we moved to a condomium overlooking the Yale Bowl in New Haven. We've also had a condo in Lake Worth, FL, for 25 years, and Rickey now spends most of the winter there while I continue to do semi-monthly "long weekends." We both golf; Rickey has always been the better player, and while we both carry a 22 handicap today, we haven't lost any of our zest for the game.

On the "give back to the world" side, I continue to serve on the usual community, hospital and religious boards that we all do. I've chaired the United Way, the Chamber of Commerce, the State Retail Merchants Association, where I still head legislative efforts, and have been honored to serve as the President and Chairman of our National Home Furnishings Association. Educationally, I was for many years Chairman of the educational and research foundation of the furniture industry, a Board Member of the Connecticut State University System, and am currently a Governor of the University of New Haven.

I still enjoy taking courses at local colleges, playing with my computer, and political discussions, and I'm looking forward to being with you in June.

M. Wallace Rubin