50th Reunion 

ArthurRoy50-2.png Since being snatched from the bosom of the Class of '50 by Harry Truman in the summer of 1948, I have gone from flying Corsairs for the U.S. Navy to walking my two year old granddaughter through the neighborhood several afternoons each week, explaining each stick and stone we encounter. Following my Navy years, I returned to Amherst in 1952 to finish my education. I was married with two children and one of the last residents of G.l. Village. Thanks to a Williams' man, a 40 year career in commercial banking as chief lending officer Jed me from One Wall Street to Miami, Houston, the Carolinas and Tennessee. The last two stops found me participating in the infamous savings and Joan bailout in the capital cities of each of those states.

ArthurRoy50-1.png Divorced in 1977, since 1995 I have concentrated on enjoying my four living children, six grandchildren and golf. I lost a precious daughter to encephalitis and a resulting brain hemorrhage which occurred at nine months of age. She passed away in 1970 after a 15 year struggle. My children, their spouses and my grandchildren are a delight. My Amherst mentor, Colston E. Warne, who became a lifelong friend, spoke eloquently of what Amherst meant to me. I am reminded of him and Amherst each time the new monthly issue of Consumer Reports arrives in my mailbox.