Deceased May 4, 2015

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In Memory

My friend Charles B. Selden passed away May 4, 2015. I was shocked to hear it because I was expecting him to come to reunion. He was born in Orange, N.J., went to Columbia High School and basically lived in the Northeast his whole life. His love for New York City and its “stimuli of many interests” is shown in his submission for our 50th reunion.

At Amherst, he joined Phi Delta Theta, was on the swimming team (manager for many years) and was a member of the glee club and choir.

He held many fine positions as a sales manager of various large companies, and I was informed that his talents in that line of work were much in demand.

He was a “giving person,” shown by his many achievements in volunteer work, in which he spent much of his free time. He also had a keen interest in architecture.

Charlie never married, and his siblings—two brothers—died very early, but he was kept very busy with his nine nieces and nephews and 23 “greats.”

In the last few years, he “slowed down” and discovered cruising, enjoying one that pretty much circumvented the globe. He will be missed by many. Nice guys like him do not come along very often. He definitely must have successfully met Will Rogers!

George Hiller ’50

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