Deceased April 14, 2013

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In Memory

After a brief illness, David W. Hunter passed away April 14, 2013. Being a good Republican, he picked that date because he couldn’t face one more tax day.

Dave had a bio that would make any of us envious: two years at Harvard Business School, investment business, directing his own company, on the board of more than 10 companies, chairman of NASDAQ, involved with numerous nonprofits. He even authored a book, Never Out of Season, about the fundamentals of investing.

But here’s the good stuff that shows what a modest and humble man he was: There was a group from Shady Side Academy that arrived at Amherst in 1946. It included Dave, Don Blenko ’50, Tom Owen ’50 and Ed Rieck ’50. They all joined Chi Psi and Dave insisted that I, “the townie,” join along with them. That was the type of thoughtful guy he was.

Dave never imbibed, which makes this story so great: One Saturday night Dave went over to Hamp to help someone. Instead he landed in jail, the most unlikely place to find Dave. Word spread through the fraternity, the bar was closed, and almost everyone headed to Hamp to see this unbelievable spectacle! Finally arriving back at the fraternity, Dave was greeted by a boisterous round of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” from all the brothers.

Dave was married for more than 60 years to Mary Lou; they had three children, Peter, Sue and Crock. At Vassar’s Winter Carnival, I had a date with Mary Lou, my high school classmate; Dave had a blind date. Dave and Mary Lou were very interested in each other. They met again in Boston and were married in 1952.

Dave came from an Amherst family. His dad, brother Peter and son Peter all graduated from Amherst.

No one who knew Dave will forget this modest, down-to-earth man. I’ve been honored to be his friend for more than 60 years.

Dick Leland ’50

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