Deceased October 10, 2016

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In Memory

Gene arrived at Amherst for the summer session in 1945 and then enlisted in the army during 1946, serving in the military police in Japan. In 1948 he returned to Amherst, joining our class for his last two years.

In his first stint at Amherst, Gene was on three “wartime” teams for football, basketball and track. He advised that competition was “fierce.” When he came back from the army, he made a total switch to music, playing in the band and the Smith College symphony orchestra. Gene joined the Lord Jeff Club. He wrote in our reunion notes that “academically, the gentleman’s C was a wonderful concept.”

After Amherst, Gene worked for General Motors, Montgomery Ward and then Top Value Enterprises, where he was manager of the merchandising department.

Retirement called for moving from Ohio to Daytona Beach, Fla., where he died at 88 in October 2016.

He is survived by a daughter, Mary Strope, and two stepsons, Steve and Gary Angi.

 John Priesing ’50

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