Deceased June 20, 2014

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In Memory

George Dana passed away June 20, 2014. He entered this world in Lowell Mass., and left it in Chelmsford, Mass., just a few miles away. However, in his lifetime he traveled the world extensively.

Prior to entering Amherst, he went to Lowell High School, graduating as the valedictorian, and then served in the Navy and entered Amherst as a veteran.

After graduating with our class, he was a teacher of chemistry and biology at Dracut (Mass.) High School from 1964 to 1984.

George was a serious mountain climber and also enjoyed cross-country skiing and Tai Chi. He took trips to New Hampshire, the Alps, our western states and Hawaii, as well as to China, Tibet, Thailand and Nepal. He also spent much of his time with his interests in historical societies in his area and as a trustee of other interests. He was active in many local charities.

He leaves many relatives, including a brother and sister-in-law and many nieces and nephews. He was a great-uncle to nine. He was predeceased by a twin sister and one nephew.

George Hiller ’50

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