Deceased June 10, 2019

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In Memory

Howie, 90, died on June 10, 2019, in Concord, N.H. He was a man of many interests. He sang in the Amherst Glee Club and, after graduation, with a number of barbershop quartets. Boy Scouts were important during many of his working years. And then there was Rotary in both the Philadelphia area and Concord. He was a member of the Canterbury New Hampshire Planning Board.

He enjoyed the outdoors in the mountains of the East. And Howie traveled in motorcycles, old cars and canoes.

At Amherst, he joined Phi Gamma Delta, majored in psychology and won his “A” for several years in track and field. He then earned an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

For most of his professional life, Howie was an administrator for health care organizations. His last assignment was running the Merrimack County Nursing Home in New Hampshire. Before that, he was director of Montgomery Hospital in Norristown, Pa. For more than a decade, he served as an administrative assistant at the Woman’s Medical College of Pennsylvania. He also sold medical supplies for a time.

Howie is survived by his wife, Terry. He has six children with his first wife, Sallie Sloan; they are Amanda, Daniel, Elizabeth, Virginia, Sallie and Christopher. Thirteen grandchildren also survive.

John Priesing ’50

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