Irv's early life was spent in Massachusetts, attending high school in Springfield, and after Amherst, he worked for many years at the Ballistic Research Laboratory at the Aberdeen, Maryland, Army Proving Ground. His work was that of a systems and concepts analyst and engineer. In our 50th reunion book, Irv characterized this work as "lucky enough to be paid for pursuing hobbies. I started with the Army rocket program, which became the Army lower ionospheric research program, where I modeled the effects of sunrise, sunset and solar eclipses on the lower ionosphere. Finally, I modeled the effects of various hypothetical weapons that were never used." As a part of this work, Irv used several of the earlier large computers, including two Cray machines, and also minicomputers. He retired in 1992. In 1962 he married his wife Carol, and they had two children, a son Martin, and daughter Maryanne, who made Irv a grandfather in 1998. Martin has followed his father's footsteps in that he works at the proving ground too. The Chidseys have lived in Webster Village, a small community outside the Havre de Grace, Maryland area for many years. They have been active in their local UCC parish, and also with the Susquehanna Museum, and the Susquehanna Symphony. Irv was active in his community doing Meals on Wheels. They have travelled too, visiting family and friends.