Deceased May 4, 2018

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In Memory

“Bro” passed away in May 2018 at age 89 in Pinehurst, N.C., from complications from dermatomyositis—a terrible disease with no cure and a long end.

Bro was one of three brothers (along with Dick ’49 and Jack ’53) to go to Amherst from Penn Charter in Philadelphia and join Alpha Delta Phi. Bro played soccer, managed the varsity basketball team and participated in the Glee Club and choir. If ever there was anybody who enjoyed people, it was Bro. His warmth and quick wit won him many friends throughout his life.

Bro was a vice president at Provident Bank in Philadelphia before joining National Life Insurance Co. in Vermont as vice president. When he retired from National Life, Norwich University appointed him executive director of university relations and development. Then Bro and his wife, Dee, bought a thriving kitchenware store in Lebanon, N.H. For many years they were true partners in business before leaving for Pinehurst, where they were active in their church and the local Republican Party.

Bro was a roommate in college and a loyal friend ever since. I admired his devotion to family, his values and his joy for life.

His pastor said at his service that he had never seen anybody with as much courage.

Bro is survived by Dee, his wife of almost 37 years, and three sons, Win, Bob and Doug, whose mother was Audrey, Bro’s first wife. Bro was predeceased by his son Jeff and brothers Dick ’49 and Jack ’53.

Dee’s three sons, Kevin Clewley, Jeffrey Clewley and Timothy Clewley, were very much part of his life. Dee and Bro shared 17 grandchildren.

John Priesing ’50

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