Deceased October 18, 2016

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In Memory

Jim Wimmer was born in Chicago on July 6, 1928, and died on Oct. 18, 2016. He grew up in Gary, Ind., where he was on the Horace Mann School debate team that won the Indiana State Championship—honing his talents for the law.

At Amherst he majored in philosophy, nurtured by Lyne Few, Gail Kennedy and Sterling Lamprecht; he was junior Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude.

His head was not always in the clouds; I remember his entertaining us in the Kappa Theta bar with an old British folk song with the refrain, “Now in jail I sit … Just for windin’ up her little ball o’ yarn.”

Ray Vigneault ’50, Jim’s roommate, introduced Jim to Gertrude Anderson, Mount Holyoke ’51, so Breezy Evans, Smith ’51 and I saw a lot of them our senior year. They were married in June 1951, and we were that November, and then the four of us partied together again at our 55th class reunion.

Jim went to Yale Law, where he was Order of the Coif. He clerked for Justice Sherman Minton when the Supreme Court decided the case of Brown v. Board of Education. Then he began his career with Lord, Bissell & Brook in Chicago until 1999, where he was partner, of counsel, president and member of the executive board. He was involved in many community programs and had a broad range of interests.

He and Trudy had four children—Karen O’Hayer, Joanie Wimmer, Cynthia Riewski and Thomas Wimmer—and eight grandchildren.

They have lost a witty, wise and loving man, a pillar of common sense, common decency and infectious joy, and we have lost a good friend.

Kingsley Smith ’50

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