Deceased September 3, 2016

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In Memory

John Butler '50

Jack, or “Butts,” as he was known, died Sept. 3, 2016. He was a Psi U brother, while I resided at Phi Gam.

We were good friends throughout our time on “the Hill.” In Australian terms we were mates. We were both members of the freshmen and varsity soccer teams for four years and the squash team for three years. In fact he and I were either “on” the squash team as the ninth player or “out” as the 10th, so it was a great rivalry. Our 1950 soccer team was undefeated, and we were the New England Intercollegiate champs.

For years I had hoped to see him at reunions, but it never happened. Classmates to whom I spoke had not heard from him either.

Jack wrote in our reunion album: “After Amherst I headed back to the Midwest and four years of graduate school at Iowa State University. I spent four of the toughest years of my life there and received M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in analytical chemistry.”

Jack was with American Can Co. for 25 years, eventually becoming director of technology planning before retiring. He continued with several jobs, ending up with James River in 1995 in Cincinnati.

Summers were spent in Eagle River, Wis., fishing and hunting small game. In Cincinnati he played tennis and enjoyed good health.

In 1955 Jack married Dolly Brown, and they had three children. Seven grandchildren followed.

I remember him with great affection.

Paul Griffiths ’50

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