Deceased February 9, 2013

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In Memory

Bill was a graduate of the John Burroughs School in St Louis. A member of Phi Delta Theta, he participated in freshman football and basketball.

After Amherst it was back to St. Louis for medical school at St. Louis University. He joined the Navy in 1955 after serving an internship at St. Louis City Hospital.

Between 1957 and 1961, Bill was on a fellowship for general surgery at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine. Then he was a resident thoracic surgeon at a veteran’s hospital in Illinois before going into private practice in St. Louis, following that with a move to the San Diego area. He authored a number of articles for medical publications.

Unfortunately, we lost track of Bill in his later years. He died in February 2013. He had a daughter, Marjorie, and a son, Jonathan.

John W. Priesing ’50

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