Deceased March 17, 2014

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In Memory

Peter, a descendant of a family that arrived in the New World prior to the Revolutionary War, passed away on March 17, 2014, after a short illness. He was born in Middlebury, Vt., and his father was Amherst Class of ’24. After attending Deerfield Academy, Pete came to Amherst, joined Beta, studied physics and embarked on a life in the aerospace industry.

His graduate study was at Columbia University, and his first career involved the design and development of optical lenses, camera scanning and optical measurement equipment. He made important contributions to early satellite and ballistic missile guidance tracking and night vision scopes.

He worked for American Cyanamid and several engineering companies before starting his own company. In 1971 Pete and his wife, Edna, formed Image Technology Corp., basically a mom-and-pop business, still in the same field, but now just the two of them. In their bidding for jobs, no one ever asked them how many people worked for them.

In 1987, they bought land in Redlands, a farming community in Dade County, Fla., and spent two years building their own home on the property. They also developed their own flower and exotic fruit farm, Button Farms. Pete became a master gardener, growing not only tropical flowers and fruit but also a tree and native plant nursery. Everything was great until 1992, when Hurricane Andrew obliterated the whole farm and house. What next? What would anyone expect from these two? .Just go back to work, and they did, making a wonderful recovery! His expression was, “Money does grow on trees.” Perhaps it goes back to the pioneer heritage of his pre-Revolutionary ancestors!

He leaves Edna, his wife of 53 years; children Deborah, Mona, Sherri and Stan; nine grandchildren; and five great grandchildren.

George Hiller ’50

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