Deceased November 1, 2014

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In Memory

Robert D. “Bob” Miller of Cumberland Foreside, Maine, passed away on Nov. 1. He was one of the six “Millers” in the class of 1950. He also was one of our oldest, being 89 at the time of his passing.

After graduating from Lower Merion High School in 1943, he immediately joined the U.S. army in an engineering battalion. On discharge he entered our class of 1950 and joined Psi U, to which he was very loyal throughout his life. He sang in the choir his whole college career. In the 50th reunion book, he describes a visit to Smith College, where he met his future wife Sally. This was a life changer because they were married in 1949 and they then spent his senior year in the GI village.

After graduation he attended the Wharton School, and then went into the financial services industry with Fidelity and the NASD. In later years he and Sally owned and ran a Kwik Copy printing business in Norwell, Mass.

He was a big lover of nature, becoming a master gardener. He was very much involved in organic gardening at a time when it was hardly a popular idea.  This interest in nature carried through his whole life, with his connection to the Audubon Society and a great love of fishing.

He and Sally had two sons and two daughters, plus six grandchildren. One of the sons, David C. Miller ’79, is deceased, and Sally and Rob had established a scholarship in his memory.

George Hiller ’50, with much help from Sally Miller

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