Deceased October 15, 2011

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In Memory

On Oct. 22, 2011, I went with my daughter Martha ’81 to Norwalk, Conn., to attend the funeral of my lifelong friend Bob Tisdall. Also in attendance were Andy Scholtz ’50, Dave Sinclair ’50 and Howie Burnett ’52, each with special reasons for being there.

In my case, I grew up with Bob in Holyoke, Mass., through grammar school, high school, a post-graduate year at Deerfield and through college. We were all fraternity brothers in DKE. Andy, Bob and I were roommates. While he was at Amherst, Bob lettered in basketball and was a representative on the house management committee.

 After college, we were in each other’s weddings, Andy was an usher at Bob’s and Bob and I were godfathers to each other’s first-born daughters, my Martha, Bob’s Traci. While all of us were working in New York City, we even carpooled with each other from our homes in Connecticut.

With this in mind, it was natural for the “inseparable four” to meet again on Oct. 22. This was not only because of our long friendship but also because of our great admiration for Bob, based on his great integrity, loyalty and fortitude.

Bob was the third of three Tisdall brothers to graduate from Amherst. He was predeceased by his older brothers Jim ’43 and Ed ’46.

Ned Barry ’50

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