Deceased April 21, 2014

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In Memory

Roy W. Hall Jr. passed away April 21, 2014, in South Pasadena, Fla. Roy was one of the Midwestern high school students (in this case, from Oak Park (Ill.) High) “recruited” by Dean Eugene Wilson, who had just come on board and who was hoping to get a better balance from the usual Eastern prep school candidates of prior years. It was an “endeavor” that, although it put a lot of pressure on the students involved, because they didn’t have the study habits of the latter, worked out very well in the end. That year there many GIs were returning too, so it was an unforgettable time. When Roy came to Amherst, he joined Phi Delta Theta.

After college he joined the Navy and then spent 30 years as an aerospace engineer, working for Martin Marietta in Littleton, Colo. During that time he married Nancy Jane Chamberlin (U of Chicago ’50) in 1949, and had four children and five grandchildren. He and Nancy retired to St. Petersburg Beach, Fla., where she predeceased him after a great 56 years together. He was a great and loving family man who shared his wisdom with everyone, and whose presence will continue to be felt.

George Hiller ’50

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