Deceased May 29, 2008

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In Memory

Thatcher passed away in Naples, FL, on May 29, 2008, after a short illness. He divided his retirement time between Naples and Orleans, MA.

Thatcher came to Amherst after graduating from Vermont Academy and spending some time in the US Navy during World War II. At Amherst, he was an enthusiastic and loyal member of Alpha Delta Phi. Thatcher had little contact with his Amherst friends after graduation. Still, we remember him fondly.

Thatcher was caught by the Korean War and this time served in the US Army. He went to work for Westinghouse and spent his career as an illumination engineer. He is survived by his wife Joan; four daughters, Janet Rucker, Allison Thurston, Stephanie Hagstrom, and Lisa Thurston; a sister Virginia Coope; five stepchildren; nine grandchildren; and two great-granddaughters.

John Priesing ’50

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