Deceased May 26, 2014

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50th Reunion book entry

In Memory

Tom Lundell died May 26, 2014, in Pebble Beach, Calif. Born in Chicago, he lived in many places, including Chicago; New York; Washington, D.C.; Colorado; Europe; South America; and Pebble Beach. He was the son of the chairman and CEO of CIT Financial and followed in his footsteps as a corporate executive. While at Amherst, he became a Theta Xi and spent many years in Masquers, serving as secretary his senior year.

After graduating cum laude from Amherst, he received a master’s in English at Columbia. He spent three years in TV production in New York City, followed by 35 years with Johns Manual Corp. in New York.

Tom was a fellow at the National Endowment for the Arts and enjoyed all the visual arts. Perhaps what describes him the best was a statement he made in our 50-year reunion book: “One of my wives told me that she liked hiking behind me on a narrow trail, because I was so interested in what was behind the next bend.”

He leaves two sons, David and Jeffery; a daughter, Honora, and her husband, Ronald Precourt; two grandchildren and many brothers, sisters and in-laws. His son Larry predeceased him.

George Hiller ’50

50th Reunion

50 W. Thomas Lundell 3.jpg In an essay entitled A 27-Year-Old Looks Back on Life, Joel Stein writes, "I now realize....that there are few things quite as cringe-inducing as listening to people try to describe who they are." To which I would add "...or what they've done, or what they think they know."

50 W. Thomas Lundell 2.jpg One of my wives told me that she liked hiking behind me on a narrow trail because I was so interested in what was around the next bend. Writing as an almost-12-year-old looking back on life, I am humbled to find that I am still on the trail, and more interested than ever in what's around the next bend.


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