Deceased April 8, 2015

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In Memory

Tom Ryan passed away April 8, 2015, at home in Naples, Fla. He was raised in Springfield, Mass., and attended Cathedral High School.

At Amherst, he joined Chi Phi. After graduation, he attended Georgetown University and received his L.L.B. From that time on, his life was involved with various law firms, performing work for some large firms, primarily around our nation’s capital. He was an avid golfer, belonging to the Congressional Club in Bethesda, Md., among many others. He was a founding member of the Olde Florida Golf Club in Naples. He was a strong supporter of Catholic education and helped found an academy in Naples and one in New Hampshire. 

His wife of almost 60 years, Avita (“Veetsie”) survives him. He also leaves five children and 13 grandchildren, along with many appreciative children who were able to have a good Catholic education because of his endeavors. 

George Hiller ’50

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