Deceased October 25, 2010

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In Memory

Allan died Oct. 25, 2010, after a courageous ordeal with pulmonary fibrosis. Our cherished memories are of his awesome devotion and contributions to this class, the college, family and friends. A member of Sphinx, Scarab, Student Council and the Amherst Student, elected repeatedly as class president and as chairman of the alumni fund, he was honored with the Distinguished Service Award and the Amherst College Medal for Eminent Service in 1966.

After attending Harvard Law School, his career included being president of Superba Inc. and subsequently president of Ack-Tie Lining, Inc., a division of Collins and Aikman, Inc., in New York City. In 1966, he founded ASL Consulting/21 supporting numerous organizations. He was a past president and director of the Men’s Neckwear Association and the Fathers Day/Mothers Day Council, both with retail missions and charitable causes. He was a trustee at the Nichols School in Buffalo, N.Y., and numerous civic organizations.

Rooming with Allan and Bart Cummings our last two years in the Psi U house was an adventure not infrequently punctuated by Allan’s twinkling eye and acerbic wit. Saddled with a short leg due to childhood illness, he was a marvelously coordinated athlete, playing table tennis, squash and especially tennis his entire life. A highlight of Reunion was his tennis matches with Tom Wyman against Tom Bloor, Brooks Keffer, Wally Anderson, Dave Fulton and others. It would not be against his nature to exaggerate his limping disability to con an opponent into thinking he could take it easy, only to learn that he was soundly thrashed. Nor, we suspect, would he abstain from wincing in perceived discomfort to incur sympathy and favor with Smith ladies, we believe with some positive results. You sneaky rascal, we loved you.

He is survived by two daughters, Caryn and Dana; a son, Eric; and five grandchildren.

Dick Snodgrass ’51

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