Prentice Bancroft

Deceased July 8, 2004

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In Memory

I'm sorry to report that Prentice Bancroft passed away at home on July 8th after a long illness. Prent was an attorney who lived and practiced in California. If you would like to write or call his widow, Caroline, her address is 5608 Poinsett Avenue, El Cerrito, California 94530, and her telephone number is (510) 237-2026.

Class secretaries Wally Anderson and Van Tingley are looking into determining an appropriate person to write the "In Memoriam" article about Prent for Amherst Magazine. I'd like to pass on a suggestion they have made, namely, that if upon learning of the loss of a classmate, you would be interested in writing the memorial article, please so inform Wally or Van. Also, after someone is selected to write the obituary, other classmates may express their memories and sentiments about their friend on our class web page. After Don Cameron died, George Grover wrote a fine obituary for the magazine, but Charlie Frey has added a very moving reminiscence of his life-long friendship with Don, which can be viewed on the 1951 class web page. If you would like to do the same about Prent or any other departed classmate, contact Charlie Tritschler at (765) 743-2795 or by e-mail at .



The Midwest class dinner will be held on Tuesday, September 21 at 6:00 PM at Glen Oak Country Club, Glen Ellyn, Illinois in suburban Chicago. Amherst Life Trustee Chuck Lewis will be there, not to give a speech, but to lead a discussion and answer questions about the College. There is still time to make reservations for you and your wife or guest. Or you may come stag, as others and I plan to do. Rooms are available at a nearby Holiday Inn. Call John Kirkpatrick at (630) 469-0604.

Homecoming weekend at the College will be November 12 - 14, and the Jeffs will host Williams for the football game. Those from our class who attend will have the use of a tent for refreshments and warmth at Pratt Field, and they will gather for dinner at The Lord Jeff on Saturday evening. More information will follow.

On behalf of the Amherst Class of 1951, I express my condolences to Caroline Bancroft and to Prent's family.

Fond regards,Dave