Bradford Bunnell '51 died December 8, 2008.

Bradford N. Bunnell ’51
Brad died on December 8, 2008 of complications from treatment of blood deficiencies   following successful hip replacement surgery the previous September.

Brad came to Amherst from the Loomis School in Windsor, CT. He roomed on the second floor of James our freshman year and joined Phi Gamm. Brad left College after our sophomore year upon acceptance in Naval flight school and became a Navy aviator, flying with an anti-submarine unit off the coast of Korea.

He married his late wife, Irene, while on active duty, after being discharged, returned to Amherst to graduate with the class of 1955. Brad went on to obtain his PhD in Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University in 1958. Thereafter he was a professor of Psychology at the University of Florida for ten years and moved on to a similar position with the University of Georgia for the remainder of his working career.

Brad authored numerous articles in physiological psychology, when on sabbatical, was a senior research fellow at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. He also served for a period as associate dean of the University of Georgia graduate school before returning to his teaching and research.

Brad delighted in seeking new venues for fly-fishing, a favorite pastime, and was an avid vegetable gardener. He and Irene had two sons, Glenn of Franklin Springs, GA and Charles of Athens, GA. Irene passed on after 49 years of marriage with Brad.

The class extends its condolences to Brad’s family and to his long time friend, Nancy Polansky, widow of one of Brad’s fellow professors at the University of Georgia, who provided this reporter with much of the information contained in this remembrance and with whom Brad spent many happy days following Irene’s death, including attendance with Brad at our 50th Class Reunion.
Everett E. Clark ’51