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In Memory

Dear Classmate,

As the usual group of '51ers arrived at our annual class dinner in New York on April 26th, we were given the sad news that Don Cameron had died the previous Friday. The cause was complications from skin cancer from which he suffered for about six months. Don was a regular at the dinners over the years, as well as a beloved classmate, and we all rose to give a toast and say a silent prayer in his memory. The memorial in the NY Times recited his many distinguished achievements in medicine and referred to him as "a respected clinician and revered teacher." Don also was the personal physician for several members of our class. He loved Amherst, and someone remarked that his home office contained many Amherst memorabilia. He will be missed deeply. I know you join me in sending Alison, Don's wife of 48 years, and their family, our very deep sympathy.

I. The Class Dinner. Although we were mourning the loss of Don, the dinner was, as always, a thoroughly enjoyable gathering of classmates. After the traditional cocktail hour, we had a fine dinner, with much lively conversation and several Amherst songs led by Choregus Hank Williams. It was noted that these gatherings of members of our class have occurred each year since sometime in the 1950's, which I doubt any other class can claim. As in the past, Dick Sexton made all the arrangements, for which we are profoundly grateful. Those in attendance were: Jud Parsons, Skip Hunziker, Gary Holman, Bob Pirie, Dave Fulton, Bill Maloney, Dick Sexton, George Grover, Len Kolsky, Dick Hopkins, Bill Hanaway, Phil Knowles, Ray Petersen, John Keydel, Jeff Hartzell, Hank Williams, Ben Kightlinger, and Andy Hacker. Wally Anderson wasn't able to make it, because, as he said in a note to Dick, he is very busy with plans for his wedding in New Hampshire this summer. We're happy for you, Wally. We'll have another dinner again next year, and I hope even more of our guys will come.

2. The Wyman Medal. The first annual awarding of the Class of 1951's Thomas H. Wyman Medal, made possible by donations of over $60,000 to an endowment fund in Tom's memory by members of our Class and Tom's family, will be made to an outstanding graduating senior at Senior Class Exercises at the College on Saturday, May 22nd. You will recall that the income generated by the fund will be given to the Alumni Fund each year in perpetuity as a gift from the Class of 1951.The criteria for the award are Scholarship, Athletics, Leadership, Integrity, and Service. The medal will be presented by President Marx, with Allan Lerner standing by to give his congratulations to the recipient. If it is possible for you to attend, it will help demonstrate our Class's support of our college and the respect and esteem with which we remember Tom.

3. The Mini-reunion. Once again we will join with the Class of 1950 for a mini-reunion at the College from May 26th to May 30th. Our two classes will be provided accommodations (and a bar) at Appleton Hall, newly renovated and converted to a dorm, at the usual reasonable cost. There will be an informal supper at Valentine on Friday night and a somewhat dressier dinner at The Lord Jeff on Saturday. According to Reunion Chairman Paul Coon, quite a few of our classmates plan to attend. So it will be a fine opportunity for you to spend time with old buddies, while we start rev-ving up for our 55th in just two years. I'm not going to be able to make it, but Jeff Hartzell will be there to lead our delegation. I hope you will come.

Finally, start thinking about attending Homecoming Weekend this fall. The football game will be against Williams. Details will follow.

Warm regards,

Dave Fulton