Deceased August 9, 2018

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In Memory

Charles Pittman died on Aug. 9. He joined our class for freshman year and some part of sophomore year, after which he transferred to Clemson University, where he graduated from its engineering program.

Charles’ father had a small manufacturing firm that Charles joined and then managed and expanded with significant success in the years after his dad’s death. His first marriage didn’t last, but thereafter he married Clair, his surviving widow. They had no children and spent their free time on the high seas in their ocean-going sailboat (no hurricanes, please!).

In retirement Charles and Claire moved to a retirement community in Vero Beach, Fla. He retained his interest in the College and our class. Some years back, he was asked to serve as treasurer of the Amherst Association of the Treasure Coast, a position he held until he died, since, as he stated to me, he couldn’t find a replacement!

Everett E. Clark ’51