Deceased August 12, 2018

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In Memory

Dave Fulton died on Aug. 12, 2018, after a long illness, surrounded by his family. His packed memorial service was at the Congregational church where Dave worshiped. Hobie Cleminshaw ’51 and Tom Bushman ’51 attended.

Dave and I became lifelong friends at Cleveland Heights High School in 1944 and were both on the swim team. We worked together summers as tree surgeons while the regulars were in the war. We had a truck, shot BB guns at rats at the dump and earned 60 cents an hour.

After Amherst, Dave became a Navy officer on a ship based in Philadelphia. While there, Dave met and married Stella O’Brian, his charming and wise partner for 63 years.

Following the Navy, Dave returned to Cleveland, earned a law degree and for 30 years partnered with his two brothers at Fulton & Goss. Later he became chief executive of Inland Mortgage in Indianapolis, where he increased profits and expanded the firm nationally.

While retired in Cleveland, Dave was on many civic boards, often as chairman. He read widely. Stella and he were regulars at the Cleveland Symphony. On a good day, Dave played golf in the 80s. He fished at least once a summer at his lodge in Ontario, often with male family members.

A regular at 1951 reunions, Dave was devoted to Amherst and our class. He served for a term as class president. Phil Knowles ’51 recalls being overwhelmed when he was asked to be reunion chairman; Dave provided him comfort and direction.

During the last year, Dave and I talked often on the phone, Four months ago, I told him to stay put because he was the only Republican friend I had. He responded with his delightful chuckle.

Dave is survived by Stella; their four children: David ’78, Christopher ’80, Margaret ’83 and Laura; six grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.

Phil Alexander ’51