MAX HAMILL receives his 76th
birthday cake from Betsy
Deceased April 30, 2005

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In Memory

Dear Classmate:

We lost one of our most beloved and distinguished class members when Hugh "Max" Hamill passed away on April 30 from complications of pneumonia. Max was president of our class freshman year and was on the Student Council for three years, during the last of which he served as president. He was captain of the soccer team, a member of both Sphinx and Scarab, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa. After obtaining his masters and doctorate degrees at Harvard, Max taught for a few years at Ohio Wesleyan University and subsequently, and, for most of his career in academia, at the University of Connecticut, where he was a professor of Latin American Studies. He was the author of books and numerous articles on Latin American history. However, as notable as his achievements were as a scholar, Max primarily "will be remembered by his classmates as a wonderful human being and a great friend to all of who knew him.

Max is survived by his wife, Betsy, who was the daughter of Amherst President Charles W. Cole, four children and nine grandchildren. When I called Betsy to express my sympathy on behalf of the our class, I asked her what name Hugh/Max preferred, and she said that while he was known to many people as "Hugh," to his classmates and his many other Amherst friends, he always was and will be known and remembered as "Max."

The memorial article about Max for Amherst Magazine will be written by Allan Lerner and Charlie Hale (a fellow Latin American Studies scholar), with background material provided by Jeff Hartzell, who first knew Max when they both were ninth graders at Penn Charter School in Philadelphia (where Max, naturally, was class president) and remained a close friend in college and ever since. If you would like to send a note to Betsy or call her, her address is: 30 Centre St., Mansfield Center, CT 06250 and her phone number is (860) 423-9709.


Dave Fulton