Deceased June 13, 2011

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In Memory

Noel Fritzinger died June 13, 2011. Born in Philadelphia, he graduated from William Penn Charter School. At Amherst, he was in Psi Upsilon, a congenial and well-liked classmate. He married Caroline Adams Bailey in 1955 and later became a director of strategic planning at Allied Chemical. In 1973, he moved to Albany, N.Y., to become director of the New York State Museum and an assistant commissioner in the New York State Education Department. In 1981, he and Caroline devoted full time to renovating an old Vermont farm replete with horses, sheep, chickens, pigs, dogs and cats. Caroline also managed a full-fledged market garden, serving the Inn at Weston among others. Noel had wide-ranging interests and activities including serving as chairman of the Vermont Land Trust, preserving rural farms and woodlands. He was also cofounder of the Orton Family Foundation, established to help rural Americans shape their growth while preserving their heritage. He served as its first president and CEO and subsequent board member. During his tenure, Noel oversaw the initial research and development of CommunityViz software for land use planning, now in use in more than 2,000 rural communities, and the publication of Hands on the Land: A History of the Vermont Landscape. Certainly, a wonderful life of consequence. More detail on these activities is available on the Internet. In his “spare” time, Noel enjoyed music, traveling, art, woodworking and reading.

Survivors include his wife, Caroline; daughter Laurie Muldoon; two sons, Peter ’80 and Stephen; 11 grandchildren; and a brother, John Fritzinger Jr.

Dick Snodgrass ’51
Peter Fritzinger ’80