Charles Tober '51

Deceased January 10, 2005

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In Memory
Memories of the Tober family a few years ago, Bev, Steve(Amherst ’87), Anne, son-in-law Dr. Barry Goldenberg, Susan and Charlie
Dear Classmate,

I'm sorry to report the loss of another member of our class. Charles W. Tober died on January 10, 2005 of a blood disorder. I spoke to Charley's
widow, Bev, who told me he fought the condition valiantly for two years and for several months last year was doing quite well, but that he experienced a setback last fall and failed steadily until he passed away.

Charley was in the shoe business is St. Louis before retiring to Scottsdale, AZ about seven years ago. Bev told me, he was in a golfing group that played weekly, and the other members have had a plaque mounted at their club in his honor that is accompanied by an annual award for the most improved golfer. She is proud of that tribute to Charley from his good friends.

Charley and Bev have three children, Susan, Anne, and Stephen '87. If you would like to write notes of condolence, Bev's address is Apartment 174, 7525 East Gainey Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ 85258 and Steve's is 1195 Oak Knoll Drive, Lake Forest, IL 60045.;


Dave Fulton