50th Reunion

Dear Classmates,

Jules Schneider After graduation and flunking the eye test for OCS, I attended the University of Texas and graduated from S.M.U. in 1995 with a BS in physics. I went to work for Texas Instruments in Dallas as an electrical engineer. In 1961, I joined the Dallas office of the New York investment counsel firm, Lionel D. Edie & Co. In 1965, I moved to Houston to manage that Edie office. Edie eventually disappeared into a major New York bank. After this, I checked out to join American General Insurance Company in the mid-1980's as a mutual fund manager. I retired from there in 1993.

Along the way, I married Sally Reeder from Shreveport- my primary achievement. We have a daughter in Dallas and a son in Houston, neither married.

For the future, Sally and I have considered moving away from Houston to escape the red-hot summers and the periodic hurricanes. We prefer the advantages of a large city from which we can escape when we wish. Here, we can play tennis several times a week, attempt golf, and drown our frustrations with a couple of scotches.

Amherst College was one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life--the classrooms and the classmates. My feeling: too bad Amherst was only a four-year college.


Jules Schneider

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