Deceased December 20, 2014

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In Memory

Alan J. Brockman died in New York after a brief illness. To many who claimed other parts of the United States, he was known as the ultimate New Yorker—never getting too far from Manhattan and then but to travel, not to live. Known as “Brocky” to his close friends, he was a man of great humor and wit. For example, one aspect of attending a lecture on the World Wars by the great Laurence Packard was helping Brocky keep track of Dr. Packard’s sport coat collection, including tailoring and notations as to whether side-vented or centered. Often, Brocky’s point in his humor was: try not to take it too seriously.

Alan was an attorney at Tenzer Greenblatt Fallon & Kaplan and Blank Rome LLP for nearly 60 years, having joined Tenzer Greenblatt in 1957, being elected as partner in 1968 and ultimately serving as senior counsel. He prepared at the Peddie School and received his law degree at Columbia. He served in the armed forces upon graduation from law school.

For years, Alan lived in a gracious brownstone on Manhattan’s West Side. More recently, recognizing he was getting older, he moved to an easier-to-maintain apartment.

He was the longtime president of the Fire Island Pines Property Owners’ Association. Although primarily a corporate and a real estate attorney, his practice encompassed many areas of law.

Bill Peck ’53

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50th Reunion

53 Alan Brockman.jpg For whatever it is worth, I'm still practicing law full time as a partner of Blank Rome, into which my former firm, Tenzer Greenblatt, merged in 2000. We have 400 attorneys with offices in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Florida.

My principal residence is a townhouse in New York and I maintain a weekend home on Fire Island where I am President of Fire Island Pines Property Owners' Association Inc. and Fire Island Pines Property Owners' Association Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Over the past umpteen years, I have traveled extensively with my companion of 37 years, Bill Peterson, recently deceased, throughout Europe, Africa and the Caribbean. I am currently planning a fall trip exploring the "lost cities" of Asia including, Kingdom of Bhutan; Lhasa, Tibet; Rantoon and Pagan, Burma; Hue and Da Nang, Vietnam; Lost City of Petra; Angkor, Cambodia; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; and Samarqand, Uzbekistan.

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