Deceased October 4, 2018

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In Memory

Good friend and fraternity brother Charles Barkwill, known to his classmates both as Chuck and as Charlie, passed away on Oct. 4, a few days before his 87th birthday. Chuck and Linda spent their last eight years in Splendido, a retirement community in Tucson, Ariz.

Born in Cleveland, he prepared for Amherst at University School and majored in history. He went on to earn a master of arts in teaching at Harvard, and spent two years in the army. He and his first wife, Connie, with their son, Jeffery, then moved back to Cleveland, where he started a career in business.

 After 25 years of corporate life, he yearned for the life of an entrepreneur. His initial plan did not succeed and occasioned a divorce from Connie after 22 years of marriage. A five-year partnership with a talented product designer ensued and provided Chuck the opportunity to hone his skills in sales, marketing and administration. Then he succeeded as an independent representative for several Midwestern product design firms.

Along with Chuck’s business success and after 12 years as a bachelor, he married Linda Karen Guckes, who shared his special interest in travel. With them, my wife and I had the opportunity to visit new locations, such as St. John, V.I., along with Manson Hall and his wife, and to take a tour of Tuscany with Rome resident Herb Uhl and other classmates.

My fondest memory of Chuck is of the time he served so admirably as chair of our 50th reunion. Always outgoing, optimistic, humorous and attentive to people and detail, he made sure we all had a heartwarming occasion. Afterward he became our class president, later remarking to me how humble he felt with that honor.

He is survived by his wife, Linda; a son, Jeffery; granddaughters Jessica and Eve Barkwill; and a sister, Barbara Barkwill Larson.

Myron Hamer ’53