Deceased March 16, 2014

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In Memory

We have learned belatedly of the death of George Comfort. George died on March 16, 2014, at his home in Sun Valley, Idaho.

George came to Amherst from Pleasantville, N.Y., and Mercersburg Academy. He was a member of Chi Psi. He majored in mathematics, played freshman football and served as business manager of Sabrina magazine.

After college, George, along with many of us, served in the military, attending the Army Language School to learn Russian.

In succeeding years, he worked in sales for Alcoa, served as a manufacturer’s representative and industrial salesman for a heating company and worked as a broker of life and health insurance before establishing Comfort Products Co., dealing with health foods, in San Francisco.

Eventually, George sold the business and moved to Sun Valley, where he did odd jobs and indulged his love of the outdoors, including fishing and skiing.

George never married. His sister, Betsy Palmer, of South Yarmouth, Mass., characterized George as a “very friendly” person, but added: “He marched to his own drumbeat.”

Besides his sister, George is survived by three nieces, Susan Lloyd of Northboro, Mass.; Carole Morgan of Wayland, Mass.; and Wendy Haughton of Chester, Conn.

George Gates ’53

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